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Comidor is a business cloud software suite that seamlessly integrates Enterprise Communication, Enterprise Task Management, Document Management, Business Processes, Project Management, CRM and Business Performance with the business applications you already use.

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An integrated solution for Automobile industry. The popular application which integrates ERP, CRM and BPM functionalities, is connected to any technical inspection equipment and creates direct communication channels with vehicle owners through a smart mobile app.

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BioAssist uses state-of-the-art Cloud, Mobile and Internet of Things (ΙοΤ) technologies to provide in-home assisted living (telehomecare) to elderly and chronically ill people, offering remote support for everyday tasks, continuous monitoring and remote access to qualified physicians.

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Enterprise Collaboration

Build your Organizational chart, manage Users and Personnel, utilize interactive personal and group calendars, use Enterprise Email and Instant Messaging, enjoy Text Chat and Video Conferencing

File Management

Create, delete, update, upload, download, lock, share, tag, link and keep versioning of any document or file. Store the file system on any private or public Cloud using any popular Cloud file service

Account Management

Manage your Accounts and Contacts, maintain complete profile, keep all on-going activities and related information in on place, define key Account Managers, follow them in social media

Business Processes

Workflow design, execution and monitoring, Process categorization, Complete to-do Dashboard, Role-Based access and Collaboration, Forms Designer and chained forms, Business objectives and KPI's

Project Management

Project planning and Gantt Chart, Requirements and Deliverables, Resource planning and Asset utilization, Kan-Ban lists, Project Accounting, Timesheet and Workload management


Leads and Opportunities, Sales funnel and pipeline, Campaigns and Surveys, Website analytics and Social Media, Products and pricelists, Quotation and Contract management

Customization and Integration

Email and social media integration, File storage and Document integration, Task and Contact integration, Project management integration, External and hybrid database connectivity

Cloud IDE

System administration and utilities, Database schema design, Application unit modeling, Cloud programming editor, Server scripting language, Report and widget builder, Web services

24h Support

Support center 24X7, Email support, telephone support, on-line chat, video conference, quick guides, how-to implementations, best practices and approaches, training methodologies

Comidor Business Transformation Platform

Automate your Workflows and Improve Business Processes with Comidor Business Transformation Platform.
Comidor offers full BPM functionality combined with Enterprise Collaboration, Project Management, People Management and Sales Force Automation features.

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